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Your Child’s Singapore Math Teacher

Engaging video lessons taught as if your student is sitting with a live teacher.

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SAMPLE VIDEO: Lesson from book 2A

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Interactive math videos like having a live teacher. Subscription includes access to all math videos for 1st-4th grade. Each Singapore Math® video is taught by a certified math instructor trained in Singapore Math® to fit the needs of any curriculum you choose. 

Singapore Math Video Lessons Aligned To Your Curriculum

Meet Your Instructor

Karly Glenn is arguably the most overqualified Singapore Math® teacher you'll meet; with professional expertise and experience as an actuary, sales tax specialist, business owner, commercially-designated real estate agent, and certified Math instructor. But even after many rewarding years running businesses and accomplishing professional goals, the passion she's always had for Math and educating young students remained strong.

Karly has earned endorsements in 4th-8th mathematics, generalist, and an ESL certification from Region 13 in Austin, Texas.

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"I have seen firsthand how the Singapore method can lift up those students who struggle with traditional methods and reinvigorate the students who are frustrated with outdated learning environments."

Karly Glenn
Certified Math Specialist

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