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Understanding Singapore Math: What it is and How it Works

Jan 15, 2023

Math can be a difficult subject for many children to learn, resulting in stress and frustration for both parent and child. While there are various teaching methods available, Singapore Math® has been gaining traction in the United States in recent years. But what is Singapore Math®? Is it the right choice for your family? Let’s break down what Singapore Math® looks like, how it works, and why it might be the perfect fit for your child’s mathematical learning needs.

What is Singapore Math?

Singapore Math® is a teaching method that was developed by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. It focuses on problem solving, critical thinking skills, reasoning, and communication when teaching math concepts. The curriculum also emphasizes visual representation of mathematical concepts so students have a deeper understanding of the material. In general, students using this method learn math faster than those using traditional methods because they are able to apply their knowledge more effectively.

How Does it Work?

Singapore Math® employs an integrated approach to teaching mathematics which encourages students to explore different topics at once instead of focusing on one specific topic at a time. This means that students are constantly making connections between different concepts as they learn new ones. For example, if a student is learning multiplication they will also be introduced to division since both operations are related to each other. This type of integrated learning helps make math more interesting and engaging for students since they can see how all the pieces fit together rather than simply memorizing equations or formulas.

Why Should I Consider Using Singapore Math®?

One of the biggest advantages of using this method is that it encourages students to think critically about problems instead of just memorizing facts or equations. By understanding the underlying logic behind mathematical operations, students will gain a much deeper understanding which will help them solve complex problems with ease later on in life. Additionally, since this method focuses heavily on visual representation through diagrams or models, it makes math much more accessible even for young learners who may struggle with abstract concepts such as fractions or decimals.


As you can see, Singapore Math® offers an effective way to teach math concepts while also encouraging critical thinking skills and visual representation – something traditional methods often lack! If you’re looking for an educational approach that will challenge your child while also helping them build strong foundational math skills then this may be the perfect fit for your family!

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